Hi Charity, Your memory segment tempted me to share a wonderful recent experience of mine. Two years ago I sat down and wrote, "Memorabilia of the Mind." It recorded in 87 snippets, my earliest memories of childhood and experiences I had through my post teens. I had it published by a local print shop and gave a copy of it to each of my four children and to childhood and high school friends of mine that had been part of my escapades.

Two months ago, unbeknownst to me what was going to happen, I was invited to join one of my son's family at an ice cream shop. Arriving I was surprised to see not one, but three of my children and half of my grandchildren. I was presented a gift. It was a memory stick. Each of my children, their spouses, each of their children, and my one great grandchild had been recorded reading three or four of my shared "Memorabilia of the Mind" memories. What a blessing to hear them say when finished, I never knew that about you Dad or Grand Pa. It was an enriching experience for all of us.

I regularly enjoy reading your up lifting work Charity. Please keep it going. David W. Turner

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Wow! That’s amazing about your “memory” of Wendell Berry’s characters, their homes and what you realised about your dad. (I love that his high school story grew more elaborate -Will says similarly “embroidered” memories are down to his Welsh father and Irish mother’s heritage! 😂). It’s so fascinating and painful, yes, when the sharing of memories can exclude. The way you invite us to share our stories here, too, is the exact opposite - The Wonder Lab, more like! 📖 🥼✨

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