Beautiful, and love this new topic! Love, too, that you share about seeing curiosity as a spiritual practice. And thank you for that psalm, what an amazing translation - the imagery of morning and night!

PS: as a Brit, never read Anne Of Green Gables but that brought back a memory of seeing something on TV/film as a child.

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I appreciate your contemplation in this newsletter. You've given me pause to consider my own views. Emphatically, I can say curiosity has served me well in pursuit of my art and life. I've learned more across the spectrum of life myself than any formal education could have bought me.

That said, finding discipline is key in our world of constant information. I love to learn new things. I can be vulnerable to the deception of "learning" about gossip or false information far easier than I like.

For me, I chose to look for beauty, kindness, understanding, and growth in my exploration of the world. The most important component I try to keep in front of me is to weigh what I'm questioning to what I understand about scripture. Exploring the teachings of Jesus has a clearing of mind effect for me.

Lastly, I'm okay with accepting that there is such a vast world created for us to explore that I don't require myself to understand everything about it to enjoy it or even survive in it. One day, I might understand a little more than I do now. I definitely understand more now than I did as a younger person.

I know this is not very specific to your questions but I appreciate your spark to consider.

It's time I re-read Anne of Green Gables. I was in grade school when I last read it.

Take care, Wendy Simon

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