Loved this so much, Charity, but to answer your question would require me to write a memoir. I've recently been in conversation about how I can step back into serving in my church, after the 2 years I've been away because of the pandemic + my own chronic health issues, with one of my associate pastors who doesn't really know me because he came on staff while I was away. When I thought about needing to introduce myself to him, for all the reasons you've mentioned, I came to the conclusion that might take a while. =)

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Charity, well said! I have long had these very feelings. In work, I didn’t WANT to specialize precisely because I enjoy variety and being a generalist, couldn’t imagine why I would want an IG or social media feed that only sounded one note, resisted by writing a bio that overtly said “I’m a person—not a brand.” I have listed to Noble and not yet read the book, but love him for expressing something about our era that needed to be said and re-examined, especially if one is earnestly seeking to follow Christ. Yet how many of us have spent more time crafting an image than being steeped in scripture that can transform us in HIS image? It gives me courage to hear your voice. And to it, I can only add, “What she said.”

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Charity, First thing, please, don't ever change the way you write! I love all the rabbit holes you wander in. It makes me feel like I'm in a conversation with you in your back yard!

You always write exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. I was feeling especially "nothing" today and then read your Wonder Report and remembered that God made me exactly who I am. Thank you for helping me remember that. It always takes a community to make us whole too! And you have done that today. You have opened my mind to so many new things. I love to stretch and grow and find new ways to think.

I'm so glad I went to your journaling session in Crawfordsville 3 years ago and started receiving your emails. They have always been very timely in my life through the past 3 years of division and strife that we have had in our country. Thanks again.

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Wonderful for you in being confirmed in the Anglican Church. I was confirmed last October 31. I had attended a parish most of 2021.

I am 58. At this time in life, and because I know myself much better than I did in the earlier stages, I feel my identity fits. I am comfortable with who I am at this time in life. I am comfortable and pleased with the various tasks and areas where I am serving. I am currently a Children's Leader in BSF. I have been in BSF for 24-25 years (I've lost count.) I have been a leader the last 6 years. I am not going to commit to another year of leadership but will be stepping out. I am going to commit to working more on being a mentor to women who have been traumatized by sexual abuse. I am a trained mentor. The ministry is Journey to Heal. I am ready to serve in this area.

I have been a book reviewer and blogger 15 years. I love this. It appeals to me because I love books, reading, and talking about books. It appeals to me intellectually and creatively. I believe it has helped me with expressing self with confidence. It has helped in other areas: the right word usage and editing.

I went from being a mother of children at home which overlapped with caring for parents. This season lasted 30 years. To shift gears away from that was difficult and challenging, but I crafted a new routine and life.

The hardest thing I have had to make peace with is the past. A past that is scarred with a whole bunch of wounds. It has been hard work to peel back that yucky stuff. To pray and work through. It reminds me of the grieving process. I have accepted that I will probably, to some extent, work through those hurtful areas the rest of my life. Complete healing does not happen on earth but in heaven. I am okay with this because I have faith that God is with me. He has never abandoned me. He is always at work in my life. His Spirit is present with me. He loves me perfectly. He works for my good which means for my benefit.

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So, so good. I’ve been thinking lately how social media/platform self-branding and niching don’t allow for the expression and flourishing of our multi dimensional, human selves in the way you reflect on and draw together so beautifully here. And that God gazes upon with love, as Rowan says. It forces us to almost deconstruct, editing almost, discarding elements of our whole selves (that God loves) instead of acknowledging and honouring the thread. I love this issue so much!

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