I have spent the last 10 years trying to "deprogram" my brain and heart from a fundamentalist upbringing. For years, I thought God couldn't wait for me to mess up so he could "strike" me with a lightening bolt, or "smite" me and those I love due to my mess-ups. I realized that I was attributing my biological/earthly father's traits to our Creator, which is incorrect, but hard to shift away from. We are all works in progress!

Sorry I will miss the Zoom meeting, but I will still be at work at 3 pm!

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Jul 24, 2021Liked by Charity Singleton Craig

Number 1 is intriguing! I think at the outset of a problem or negative circumstance I forget to think, 'God knows this,' or 'God is in control.' But as soon as I do, I am able to relax and not worry about the things I can't control. It doesn't solve all the challenge or stress, which can keep going, but I really don't find myself blaming God or forgetting that He is good. For instance...

When you mentioned your air conditioner--this resonated with me. I found our unit was leaking into a closet by walking on sopping wet carpet in the bedroom last month. So the bedroom closet items were moved to the living room. After two air conditioner companies have looked at it, proposed solutions, and $300+ later, we are getting a new unit, but have yet to receive an estimate. The bedroom closet things joined the kitchen things in the living room and dining room. Since April 1st our house has been in upheaval as we ordered new countertops and all the kitchen cabinet contents were all over the house. Most things that could go wrong did, with the wrong diagram going to the installers etc. etc. The countertops are now installed and I'm now getting the kitchen back in order. So far this year we put in a new furnace (the old one failed), purchased new appliances for the kitchen, replaced the countertops, and now the air conditioner unit...I'm wondering if God knows something we don't??? In all, we are feeling blessed and God is good!

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