I love all of this so much. I can’t wait for you to explore this theme! I’m a week behind on my WR but it’s actually the message I needed to read this Sunday morning, on rooting our true identity and belonging, in the Lord. Thank you so much, Charity. Now I get to read the next issue right away! And, oh, your discovering that card! ❤️

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Thank you for this post, it was an encouraging reminder! One of the symptoms I experience from having a self-belonging mindset is anxiety. Sometimes my thoughts run circles around my problems: How can I fix them? What plan, approach, or habit should I execute, implement, or practice to make things better? I wonder what to do about things that could not change or won't change fast enough. Remembering I am not my own helps me feel that I am not on my own; God will help me because I am His and He is mine forever (Ps. 73). Thank you again.

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“We’re used to getting our way. That’s what it means to be human.” I would say that’s what it means to be American, maybe even Western. There are plenty of places in this world were people are quite accustomed to not getting their way. Kind of driving home your point, these places also seem to be more communitarian in nature vs. individualistic. IMO, what we see are Americans (especially those of particular demographics) throwing a collective hissy fit, in much the same way a child being told no for the first time would.

I think are some questions to be asked of the church in regards to where we are. I live in a suburban Texas community. I am very distressed by the role many churches have played in condoning this idea that every person should be able to have their own way. So, when we talk of what it means to be human (humane) in a religious context, I believe we have to put a strong magnifying glass to the messages coming from pulpits.

Thank you for the reading of Be still. I have been searching high and low for this exact thing! I had a pastor from Zionsville, IN do this once with a group I was part of, and it was a deeply nourishing experience.

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Thanks for this, Charity. I belong to Christ, and have to be reminded of that when the sin nature prevails.

But how do we think about individuality associated with just wanting to get our way, being selfish or prideful, and maintaining comfort vs. the individuality of going along with others' desires and wants (sometimes for years), not being/feeling secure in who we are, not standing up for ourselves. I also believe God made us individuals. And I believe service to Him/others is obedience. But when there isn't a clear right/wrong, where is the line that says.."It's ok for me to say no/yes to this thing? It's ok for me to step up here. I don't have to go along with this thing or that thing."

Those kinds of struggles are on my mind now. Is being mindful of one's own...self, including desires, values, etc., necessarily synonymous with selfishness and narcissism? Perhaps what I need to think about is: I am not my own. Nor am I another human's. (Except how is that to look in marriage? ) I am God's.

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Oh my goodness, Charity… this is one the best reports you have written. Thank you for sharing the thoughts of David Brooks and Alan Noble along with your ponderings. I have been thinking along these lines lately as well. So looking forward to reading more on this topic of being truly human.

May your move go well and be blessed.

Sarah S.

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