Welcome Hope*Writers

It was great to be with you for a recent Tuesday Teacher interview to talk about all the ways we can build a successful writing life.

  • Are you a writer who’s following God’s call to weave words and shape sentences?

  • Do you have a message you care about and a passion for working hard at your craft?

  • Are you following all the industry advice for building a platform with the hope of reaching more people?

  • Has success in the writing life become an elusive goal everyone else seems to achieve, but never you?

If your writing life hasn’t turned out the way you expected, I have a resource to help you navigate the way forward. It’s called “You Can Be a Successful Writer: How to Find the Writing Path God Has for You.”

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In the guide, I’ll walk you through the important steps of …

  • Deconstructing the writing models you’re patterning your writing life after,

  • Determining your unique purpose, or your “why,” for writing,

  • Developing specific and measurable goals to help you live out your purpose as a writer, and

  • Depending on God for his plan as you experience both success and failure in the writing life.

Even if you have achieved success in the writing life, I think you’ll find this guide to be a helpful resource for determining your writing priorities and deciding how to move forward in your writing life.

Wherever you are in the writing journey, I hope you’ll subscribe today to receive your guide to help you find the writing path God has for YOU!