About Me

Your faith is important to you, and you want to feel hope for the future, but sometimes life and its constant changes make faith and hope hard to hold onto. I feel the same way. I want to help you grow in your faith in Jesus and experience greater hope for your future.

I was raised in the farming community of Greencastle, Indiana. I’ve spent most of my life in Indiana, except for the years I spent in Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston.

Other than believing in Jesus and loving my family and friends, bringing words to life is the only thing I have done consistently. My writing is deeply influenced by looking at the world from a Christian perspective, even when the topics may not always be of a “Christian” or “religious” nature.

I began writing poems and short stories as a young child and realized writing was a life’s calling at some point in high school. I attended Taylor University, majoring in Mass Communications, and initially pursued a career in journalism, spending just over a year as a reporter for my hometown newspaper, the Banner-Graphic.

Since that stint, my primary outlet for writing has been freelance and volunteer projects, including articles and essays published in Discipleship Journal, Today’s Christian Woman, Curator Magazine (where I am a staff writer), InTouch Magazine (where I am in the freelance pool), and Tweetspeak Poetry (where I am a contributing writer and editor). I previously served as a Content and Copy Editor at the High Calling. I also co-wrote On Being a Writer with Ann Kroeker and have contributed essays and devotions to three other books.

Now, I live in Frankfort, Ind., with my husband and three step-sons, where I work full-time as a writer, editor, and founder of Frankfort Writers Center, offering writing services for companies and organizations, along with services to writers like editing, coaching, and workshops. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, walking, and sewing.